Based in Addis Ababa, the Firm provides a full range of general consultancy services in connection with business and investment in Ethiopia. All legal services are rendered by registered Ethiopian lawyers and consultants retained for the purpose by the Firm. Mr. Teshome Gabre-Mariam Bokan was the first Attorney General of Ethiopia under the reign of Emperor Haile-Selassie and a leading, internationally recognised Ethiopian lawyer, under whom the Managing Director, Wossen Bokan, also his daughter, was trained for over a decade.

Areas of Practice

Teshome Gabre-Mariam Bokan Metasebia is a leading full service firm with clear focus on highly specialised international practice. Named after the renowned Teshome Gabre-Mariam Bokan, the firm has inherited Teshome’s legacy and continues to provide excellent legal advisory services to a wide range of international and domestic clients. Ethiopia now attracting major levels of foreign investment, assisting foreign companies and interested investors in all facets of corporate activities has become our expertise. The main practice areas of the firm include cross-border mergers & acquisitions, tax, corporate, litigation and regulatory compliance.


Managing Director

Wossen Bokan, is a leading Intellectual Property and corporate lawyer with a law degree from the University of London and over 20 years of experience in the field. She has also worked and has been trained under her late father, Mr. Teshome Gabre-Mariam Bokan, for 13 years following which she has established her own boutique intellectual property firm in 2012. After the passing of her father at the end of 2016. Wossen has taken over his firm and merged it with her own which is now trading as TESHOME GABRE-MARIAM BOKAN metasebia. Wossen now manages a firm of seven lawyers, and several more tax, labour, insurance, immigration experts and other lawyers who work under contract.


Senior Attorney

Tamrat Talegeta (PhD) is a senior attorney practicing in corporate law in general and Trade and IP in particular. He holds his PhD from Seoul National University, with an LL.B. and LL.M. from Addis Ababa University. He is now Assistant Professor at Arsi University in Ethiopia.


Corporate Lawyer

Gemechu Merera is the leading corporate lawyer of the firm, with an experience of over 10 years. His main areas of practice are company, tax and bankruptcy laws. Gemechu also handles arbitration and litigation matters as a licensed attorney at both the Federal Courts of Ethiopia and Courts in the Oromia Regional State.



Ruth Gizachew is a Consultant handling and overseeing assignments in corporate, tax, mergers and acquisitions matters of the firm. Ruth holds a degree in Political Science from University of Colorado, Denver and a Juris Doctor from University of Pittsburg, with a Certificate of Advance Study in International and Comparative Law.


Litigation Lawyer

Tilahun Mitiku Tesfaye is the firms leading litigation lawyer holding an LLB and LLM with an experience of 15 years in litigation. Tilahun was a judge of the Federal Court of Ethiopia, banking and insurance bench prior to starting his private practice.



Tizita Adugna is an IP lawyer who handles the day to day operation of the IP Department of the firm. She leads a team of support staff to complete the work. Tizita has an LLB from the Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia.



Daniel Tariku is a 2018 graduate from the School of Law of Addis Ababa University. He works with both the departments of corporate and intellectual property law to gain his experience. Daniel is also in the final stage of completing his LLM in Business Law.



Fassika Urgie is the chief accountant and financial officer of the firm.


General Manager

Meron Mekonnen has been with the firm for 18 years. She manages the firm, and oversees both client relations and billing.


Head of Marketing

Kumsa Bekele has been with the firm for three years now, as its Marketing director.


Contact Details

Address: 8th floor, HMM Building, Ethio-China Road, Wello Sefer Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
PO Box: 100311 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Telephone: +251 11 551-8484; +251 11 551-4069;+251 11 551-35 00; +251 93 009-8375
Email: info@tgmblawoffice.com
Mon to Fri: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM